All Four Adam Sandler Hanukkah Songs

All Four Adam Sandler Chanukah Songs.

In 1994, Adam Sandler changed the way we think about Hanukkah songs.  When we were kids,  the popular chant was “I had a little dreidel” and the like.  Ask kids today, and most will rattle off the lyrics of one, if not all, of the Sandler tomes.  David Lee Roth could never have imagined he’d be best remembered as someone who lights the Menorah.
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Hanukkah In The Internet Age

Remember when we were in high school? If we wanted to know something, anything, about a subject, we needed to go to the library and research it.
Often the answer couldn’t be found. I remember thinking to myself as a kid, “How tall is Dave Kingman?” (former baseball player) and of course, for athletes, that type of information was easier to obtain. As a matter of fact, trading sports cards was a great way to store information about your favorite athletes. Nowadays, finding any bit of information (and sometimes, much more than you ever wanted to know) can be accomplished in seconds – even without typing a keystroke, thanks to talking search results on most smartphones.
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