Jews Harassed at Temple Mount in Jerusalem by Arab Mob – Daily Occurence

Here’s evidence of what the holy places in Jerusalem would look like in the event that Palestinians were given control.
Jews would not be permitted near them. Those who attempted, and without the support of Israeli police to protect them, would be harmed, and possibly killed.

This is the reality at the Holy Temple Mount in Jerusalem’s old city.
Jews revere the Temple Mount as the holiest place on earth. The Torah says this is the place where Adam was created on this earth – the dawn of creation.
It’s also revered by Jews as the location of the Binding of Isaac and where the two Holy Temples sat.

The Arabs lay claim to this plateau as well, as the site of Islam’s third holiest (Al-Aqsa) Mosque.

In recent years, Palestinians have taken to harassing Jews who venture up to the Temple Mount. Even police protection is not enough for a Jew to stand peacefully there without being shouted at by mobs of Arabs. Other videos have shown the Arab women to get physical and push or kick Jews even in as they stand right in front of the Israeli border police. The Arabs know that the Israeli government has ordered the Israeli police on the Temple Mount to show ultimate restraint against Palestinian Violence, lest there be a world backlash. This double standard plays out on a daily basis. We gain a glimpse into this violent ritual, as this time an Arab proudly videos their violent ways for all to see, much as the Nazis did in the 1930s.