Some Muslims Want Sharia Law in USA

Muslims in USA were asked if the Sharia Muslim law supersedes the Constitution, and their responses were very forthcoming.

“The US Constitution was made by men, and the Sharia law was made by God” – The common refrain from this very telling video.

The Sean Hannity Show takes to the streets and asks Muslims in America what are their feelings towards Sharia law vs. USA law. Afterwards, a he leads a panel discussion that includes a representative from the Muslim community.

Sharia is not just about justice and purity. It also includes very specific rules.
Here’s some of the more mundane aspects of Sharia law, that if adopted, would have immediate impact on Muslim American lives:
– Women cannot drive (as is practiced in Saudi Arabia and other strict Sharia Law Arab countries)
– Women must dress modestly and conceal their faces with the Hijab. This is already becoming more common in some muslim communities in USA
– Homosexuality is a cardinal crime (and many gays are executed in Saudi Arabia, Iran, and other Muslim lands)
– Women cannot be seen in public without their male guardian (husband, father, brother)

When Americans speak today about the importance of plurality and freedom of speech, they are doing so through their rosy Christian-valued glasses.
Freedom is not enhanced by allowing some in society to remove the freedoms of others.

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