Watch UK Luton Muslims Get Violent and How Brits React

Must See video from Britain First.

Luton, a town in Bedforshire, 30 miles north of London in the United Kingdom has been inundated in recent years with immigrants from Arab Muslim countries, and Bangladesh.
The immigrant locals have taken to patrolling the streets and verbally and physically assaulting whites and non-muslims who venture into their areas. Watch how this group of Brits organizes a march to counter their activity.

VIDEO: "We run the country!" says Luton Muslims! Paul Golding and Jayda Fransen attacked and abused in Luton!

Posted by Britain First on Friday, June 5, 2015

Alan Dershowitz Explains Why BDS is Bad – Prager University

Let’s educate America’s college students about what BDS really stands for.

We agree on the main point. Boycotting Israel is wrong.

The problem with this video is all the equivocation that Jewish liberals must constantly express to rationalize away their humanistic instincts.
Here, Harvard Law Professor, Allan Dershowitz, makes an impassioned and cerebral argument against the BDS – Boycott, Divest, and Sanctions movement against Israel.
However, throughout the video he defines his personal beliefs, which include two-state solution, easing of Palestinian suffering, etc…

Let us be clear that this boycott movement has nothing to do with a two state solution. It has everything to do with further distancing Israel as a Pariah State. Inasmuch as the movement to ban Israel from FIFA was not about Football (soccer), but also to the same goal of ostracizing the Jewish State.

We think that the video would have greater effect without hearing about the professor’s personal convictions. BDS is a rallying point for all Israelis and Jews around the world.
We needn’t inject our personal motivations or political agendas outside this singular point. Boycotting Israel will not help the Palestinians, and it will not be good for Israel.

BDS must be stopped.

The Best of Israel – Travel Review

Rick Steve’s Europe Travel program goes to Israel.  In this 26 minute episode, produced with Oregon Public Television, you’ll be immersed into a visual whirlwind of much of what Israel has to offer.

Rick’s insightful commentary accompanies his travels with a generally favorable account of Israel’s main tourist attractions.  He meets up with locals at restaurants and on the streets to get a sense of the the cultural climate.

However, much of the commentary is shaded with the American brand of “political correctness” and the need to try and show the Palestinian side.  This is a highly simplistic accounting of what Israel has to offer.

So much is missing, that I’d be remiss to even mention a few of them. At least 1/2 of the episode focuses on religion.  Jewish, Moslem, and Christian holy places.  The author does, however,  succeed in only 26 minutes, to give enough of a sampling that viewers will want to see more.

Watch This – Israeli Air Force Incredible Technology

Watch this short but decisive display of incredible technology.  It makes the TV show “24” look ancient.  This is happening today and now.  

The future of conflict can be decided by the great minds of the Israel Defense Forces as displayed here by the Air Force.

Cracks in the BDS Boycott of Israel Starting to Appear

A big decision was handed down today by the Washington State Supreme Court in favor of a suit against the Olympia Co-Op Foods in that state.Olympia Foods had implemented a boycott back in 2011 on Israeli-made products.  Several of its board members had raised a lawsuit against the board to force removal of the boycott.  The trial court had ruled against the plaintiffs and assessed over $200,000 in fines.

Boycott Announcement
Olympia Foods Co-Op in Washington State Supporting the BDS Boycott of Israel

In order to appeal that decision, the plaintiffs would need to post bond to assure that the fines could be paid in case the rulling was upheld.  Thanks to the support of StandWithIsrael, they were able to post a bond and continue with the appeal.

According to StandWithIsrael , the state Supreme Court ruled 9-0 in favor of the appeal motion to continue the suit against Olympia Food Co-Op.

Unfortunately, these types of motions will need to be brought in other parts of the country as well until the evil head of boycott and selective hate has been defeated.


Watch These Christians Tell Us Why They Love Hamas and Hate Israel

Irrational and exuberant hatred for Israel

Watch what happens at the CUFI (Christians United for Israel) 2015 pro-Israel conference in Rockville, MD.  Other Christians have a different take on things (and life, some would say).   A reporter asked the protesters what was their beef.  You’ll be shocked at most of the answers.

How many of these people every even met an Israeli, much less, a Hamas member, or someone living in Gaza?

#StandWithIsrael Posted Video.

One Republic in Israel Visiting With IDF

Photo of the music year!  Fantastically popular pop band One Republic is playing a concert in Tel Aviv tonight, May 28.  They took time today to visit with IDF.

One Republic in Israel IDF
One Republic in Israel with IDF

For those needing a refresher of just how popular this rock pop band is, here’s a couple videos of theirs to get you started…

Secrets – Over 100 Million Views

Counting Stars – Nearly One Billion Views

How Close Is Isis to Israel?

Hamas, Gaza, and Israel

Israelis are blessed with the innate ability to forget.   Life goes on as usual. Babies are born. Houses are constructed. Businesses are started.  Few think of the Operation Edge war from last summer. For fifty days in July and August 2014, Israel was faced with a bombardment of missiles from Hamas-ruled Gaza.

Gaza borders on it’s east with a dozen Israeli Kibbutzim and villages on the southwestern flank of the country.  These areas were under constant barrage during the military operation, and saddled with Israeli army makeshift fortifications and gathering points.

Hamas sits on the other side of the border, sometimes just a few hundred meters (approx. one US city block) away from Israeli army groupings.  It’s been reported by agricultural workers on the Israeli side that Hamas military scouts stand on jeeps just on the other side of the border with field glasses in hand.

Isis, Al-Qaydah, Hezbollah, and Syria

On the other side of the country, Israel shares its Northeastern border, The Golan Heights, with its sworn enemy Syria.  The Golan Heights, rocks strewn from volcanic ash, includes tens of kilometers of beautiful green mountainous and forested area, ripe with Apple orchards, cattle grazing, hiking areas, and even a ski resort at the top of the Hermon Mountain range.

This pastoral, idyllic sanctuary for some, rests just minutes from the Syrian border and 1967 armistice lines.  The rebellion in Syria, and the incessant fighting, which has been wreaking havoc on its civilian population for over two years, has in recent months reached the border town of Kuneitra.

The Syrian border town of Kuneitra, according to some military observers, actually consists of hollowed out shells, many left from the 1973 Yom Kippur War, and Syrian military installations.  The latter fact leads all rebellious roads to Kuneitra.   In recent months, Kuneitra has changed hands more times than a quick-change artist could ever aspire.

Iranian-backed Shiite Hezbollah, Al-Qaydah backed sunni rebels, Isis – Salafi sunnis, and of course, Syrian Alawis, are all vying for that small strip of land.  Occasionally, the bullets fly into the no-man’s land that separates Israel and Syria, and Israel responds.  The dotted line on the map shows the armistice lines and Israel’s border with Israel.  

Kuneitra, Syria, Israel Golan Heights Area
Kuneitra, Syria, Israel Golan Heights Area

It’s sometimes hard to comprehend just how close all this fighting going-on is to Israeli civilian areas.  Looking at this map puts things in to perspective.  Israeli civilian populations sit in some cases, less than two miles from hostile armies. The proximity to danger and the continuation of life as normal in the tiny spaces of Israel is nothing short of a continuous miracle.


USA – Iran War Predicted by Rabbi 300 Yrs Ago

Iran is reportedly sending cargo ships to Yemen with humanitarian aid to the beleaguered Iranian-backed Huthi rebels.  The Shiite Huthis are locked in a rebellion against the Saudi and USA-backed Yemeni government.  This proxy war has pitted the USA and moderate Sunni Arab Gulf States against the Iranian regime.

Iran says it will send its Naval Warships to protect the cargo while en route to Yemen.  The US response was craftily harshly worded that it will embargo any Iranian Navy attempts to enter the Yemeni waters.  Neither side appears to be backing down.

Iran-USA War predicted in the 1700s

Rabbi Yonatan Eibschitz (1690-1764)
Rabbi Yonatan Eibschitz (1690-1764)

The strangely familiar scenario of the mighty Christian Empire facing off against the Persian Empire was predicted by a Jewish Rabbi and philosopher of the 18th Century in Europe.  Rabbi Yonatan Eibschitz was one of the great Jewish thinkers of the Middle Ages in Europe and among his many writings, he predicted that the days of the Messiah would not come until the Christians had defeated the Persian Empire.  Many later day commentaries have suggested that the USA today represents the descendants of the Christian Empire.

Canada May Charge Hate Crime For Israel Boycotters

That Canada’s Prime Minister, Steven Harper, is a friend of Israel, few would have reason to disagree.
His steadfast support of the Jewish State has stood the test of time, even in the face of hostile and unambiguous support of Israel’s enemies by other members in the Canadian parliament.

Steven Harper
Canadian Prime Minister Steven Harper

The CBC reported recently that Ottawa is considering taking a concrete step in repelling the wave of Anti-Zionism that is spreading through Canada like a scourge.
It may soon be a crime to boycott Israel in Canada.  One wonders if that message could resonate in Washington as well…