Jews Harassed at Temple Mount in Jerusalem by Arab Mob – Daily Occurence

Here’s evidence of what the holy places in Jerusalem would look like in the event that Palestinians were given control.
Jews would not be permitted near them. Those who attempted, and without the support of Israeli police to protect them, would be harmed, and possibly killed.

This is the reality at the Holy Temple Mount in Jerusalem’s old city.
Jews revere the Temple Mount as the holiest place on earth. The Torah says this is the place where Adam was created on this earth – the dawn of creation.
It’s also revered by Jews as the location of the Binding of Isaac and where the two Holy Temples sat.

The Arabs lay claim to this plateau as well, as the site of Islam’s third holiest (Al-Aqsa) Mosque.

In recent years, Palestinians have taken to harassing Jews who venture up to the Temple Mount. Even police protection is not enough for a Jew to stand peacefully there without being shouted at by mobs of Arabs. Other videos have shown the Arab women to get physical and push or kick Jews even in as they stand right in front of the Israeli border police. The Arabs know that the Israeli government has ordered the Israeli police on the Temple Mount to show ultimate restraint against Palestinian Violence, lest there be a world backlash. This double standard plays out on a daily basis. We gain a glimpse into this violent ritual, as this time an Arab proudly videos their violent ways for all to see, much as the Nazis did in the 1930s.

Mark Levin Slams Jon Stewart

You can expect a comedian to make jokes about current events. That’s what they’re getting paid to do. Make us laugh. Try to bring lightness to issues that are sometimes weighing heavily on the public conscience and consciousness. When do they cross the line? One pretty blatant example is how Jon Stewart portrays the Israel-Gaza conflict and Israel’s Operation Edge response to the constant barrage of Hamas rockets raining down on their population centers.

Jon Stewart distorted the truth and fed it to his considerable audience as though he was taking a lighter view of current events. Sure, everyone laughed. His sponsors were happy, the network was happy, ratings are great. But what about the truth? The left (or far left, depending on your perspective) campaign that Stewart ascribes to, constantly decries the right-leaning networks for hiding or distorting the facts. I’m frequently told “Aren’t all those Fox Network reporters nut-jobs?”…

Let’s have a look at what Stewart had to say in his own words: The Israel segment begins around 5 minutes in to the clip.

So, Israel is making apps to defend it’s citizens. Is that bad? Why is that funny?

Have you ever seen Israel, Jon Stewart? Where are the citizens of Israel supposed to go when they have 15 seconds (that’s FIFTEEN SECONDS) to run for shelter? What does it matter the size of your country when you have to run for cover? His arguments are not funny, they are political satire that are intended to bring across his very obvious political leanings. He is very misguided, and it’s unfortunate that Comedy Central lets him rant without an equal amount of time for followup to rant or laugh from a different perspective.

Mark Levin, right wing conservative talk show host, puts Stewart in his place. The 7 minute clip really sums it up well. Check it out on the blog:

The Price for Jews in Israel for Peace with Arabs

Peace Discussions Encourage Palestinian Arab Terrorism

The Western world is fixated on solving the Mideast Peace problem.  The “Mideast ” that the world is solely concerned about is the Palestinians and that tiny country called Israel standing in their way for their very own sovereign nation.   As the narative explains, all other problems,  would go away if these stubborn Jews would just let it.  (Or in the eyes of the American senior press corespondent, if those Jews would just go back to Poland).

The pressure on Israel’s leader, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, to deal land and additional consolations has reached the pinnacle.  When the bar is raised, politicians make foolish decisions, usually for short term gains, or to make their own personal mark in history.  Here’s a small but very real example of just how dangerous this pressure can manifest itself into our lives.

Sukkot is the Jewish holiday of Tabernacles. In ancient Israel, on Sukkot, Jews brought sacrifices to the Temple in honor of the 70 nations of the world.  The priests would pray for the well-being of our neighbors and that G_d should protect them and shine His light onto all the nations.

In modern Israel, Sukkot also means vacation from school, and a great opportunity for families to go hiking, to visit relatives, and to go to Jerusalem to see our national history and to remember the days of ancient glory.

Mount of Olives – So close, yet so far

For a neighbor of mine, Sukkot this year was almost a period of mourning for his family, and his being around to tell me his eyewitness account of the following events is only by grace of the Almighty.  Mount of Olives cemetery just outside the Old City walls of Jerusalem.  While Mount of Olives is a famous and ancient cemetery where many sages and holy Jews have been buried for many centuries, it is also about 1KM (half mile) on the other side of some Arab buildings in Silwan (City of David – probably where King David would stand and look out to his kingdom).  In modern times, great rabbis and fallen soldiers are buried on Mount of Olives.

Yehuda drove on erev Sukkot with his wife and two nephews to a funeral there.  Not that this should matter in the least, Yehuda is not a “Settler”, nor was he traveling to any “provocative” areas.  Jerusalem’s Dung Gate,  next to the Western Wall, is clearly within plain view from the parking area of the Mount of Olives.

After the ceremony, they returned to their car to drive back home to Bet Shemesh.  They reached the first junction along with other cars driving back.  Suddenly, a mob of knife and club-wielding Arabs jumped out and engulfed them.  Cars were smashed to bits.  Frantically, people called from inside their cars to the Police to extricate them from this ensuing tragedy.  Minutes passed, no Police, no border control.  The Arab mob gained in strength and numbers, buoyed by the lack of Israeli force.

Yehuda’s wife was targeted by one of the angry Arab terrorists.  Yehuda quickly swung into action – although he is not a Settler and does not have a gun – he attempted to shield his wife.  The terrorists shifted their focus on him and stabbed him four times, including twice in his head, broke his arm, and left him battered and bruised all over his body.

45 Minutes passed, no police, no border patrol.  The police who are standing at Dung Gate could have walked uphill to the terrorist attack in 10 minutes.

Yehuda is now bleeding from his head and his chest.  He is battered, but there is noone there to help.  With his remaining ounces of strength, he drove to the nearest hospital, where he was treated and listed in serious condition (??? ?????? ?? ???).

When the police came to the hospital to investigate he asked why there was no response from their emergency calls.  The police told him that they were instructed from “above” not to go to this junction.  Clearly, political decisions stood in the way of the police coming to protect its citizens.

The East Jerusalem junction where the terrorist attack took place is not under Palestinian control.   Although at some point is may be given to the new Palestinian State, it is currently solely Israel’s responsibility to protect and ensure that rule of law is enforced there.

Someone in the police, or perhaps even the government, made a decision that the cost of a few Jewish lives was well worth the potential of public outcry of Israeli police going to a contested area to remove its citizens from imminent danger or even death.  Worse is knowing that the Palestinian terrorist leaders knew this and calculated the outcome, and orchestrated the entire event, knowing exactly how it would play out.  They also knew how far they could go – wound, mame, perhaps kill a few, then run back to your homes – so as not to get negative feedback from the world press.

Yehuda tells me that he identified the young terrorist who stabbed him, and with his description, the police were subsequently able to apprehend him.  However, 7 days later, the magistrate let this 17 year old killer wannabe free since the courts can’t try minors.

I have no words to properly wrap up this account of what happened and all the injustices that Jews suffer in Israel.  Maybe someone reading this can make better sense of it all.