Some Muslims Want Sharia Law in USA

Muslims in USA were asked if the Sharia Muslim law supersedes the Constitution, and their responses were very forthcoming.

“The US Constitution was made by men, and the Sharia law was made by God” – The common refrain from this very telling video.
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Chicago Mosque – Imam Calls for Jihad on Israel

This four minute sermon was delivered in a Chicago Mosque last week.

According to Times of Israel, Sheik Mohamed Elimam is the Imam of a Mosque in Chicago.
In his speeches, fused together from two sermons, he speaks of the need for Mujahideen (guerrilla fighters in Islamic countries, generally meant for those fighting against non-Islamic enemies) to go Palestine and fight. In the sermon he says “Global Zionism an unadulterated evil besetting all people”. They are a thorn in the side of the Arab and Muslim nations that must be removed.

The Jihad that he repeatedly calls for is defined as “a war or struggle against unbelievers”.

This is the peace that Muslims are being taught in the USA. This is not the Middle East, this is the Mid West, and it’s playing at a theater near you.