Where to Begin?

Living in Israel is a good thing. Especially if you like to take interesting photos.

And with that…we begin.

I will be uploading photos that I have shot over the past few years in various parts of Israel. The subject matter will vary, as will the locations, lighting, etc… Over time, I will also share my views on issues that are impacted in the photos that are displayed here. I’ll throw in some history and perspective too.

We are pleased to offer you the images on this website as shown for full usage on your websites and weblogs and for all personal usage that you may desire.  The only limitation, however, that I ask as the copyright owner of these images, is that you do not display them on commercial websites without first receiving my express written permission.

If you wish to license any of the images here for commercial usage, or would like to order prints from our collection, and for obtaining high resolution versions of the images on this website, please email us at “contact at holyexposures dot com” for more information.

Welcome to Holy Exposures!

Holy Man :~