Hebron – Where is that?

My friend called the Bezek (Israel’s phone company) information operator last week and asked for the phone number of a friend who lives in Hebron ?????. The operator said “Hebron – where’s that?”…

My friend thought it was a joke. So, he repeated the request, and then reminded her that Hebron is the city of our Fathers – ??? ??????.

The Bezek operator said again, “That is not part of Israel. We don’t have information for Hebron. Why don’t you call the Palestinians and see if they can help.”

My friend, not to be outsmarted, said “Well, he has a Bezek phone number. So, you must have him listed somewhere”. After a minute or so of up-and-back discussion, the operator said “Oh, well we have them listed in Kiryat Arbah” (The Jewish settlement next to Hebron).

Of course, there are several hundred Jewish souls, all Israeli citizens, living in the city of Hebron itself. This is just one story of many that I had to share…


Kiryat Arbah with Hebron in the distance:

Hebron & Kiryat Arbah

Hebron – Entrance to Maarat Hamachpelah (Cave of the Patriarchs)


Hebron ????? Then & Now

Hebron Then & Now

They say that nothing lasts forever. In Hebrew there is a saying, however, that Hebron is eternal.

Hebron - Site of Ambush Hebron – Site of Ambush November 15 2002

On the Sabbath eve of Nov 15, 2002, Arab gunmen drew fire on an Israeli patrol in the no-mans land between Arab Hebron and the nearby Jewish Settlement Kiryat Arba. The Israeli patrol and a first-responder security force (civilians) from Kiryat Arba came to fortify the Israel position. Within minutes the Arab terrorists led the patrol into a dark alley with no way out. As they turned around, they were hit by a wail of gunfire from an Arab ambush. The results were truly devastating. Twelve Israelis were killed, including the Hebron Brigade commander Col. Dror Weinberg.

Here’s a detailed report from the Jerusalem Post

This photo was taken in the aftermath, approx one month later. The Israeli army had flattened the area, which was then soaked with the recent rains. Settlers from Kiryat Arba had attempted to set up tents there and establish an outpost as a moral victory against terror. However, the Israeli govt. caved in to pressure, and they were evicted. In this photo, you see two Arab children throwing stones on the swamp that was created from the recent rains. The Israeli graffiti in the background calls for Arabs to be removed.

Hevron Then & Now!