Eilat Beach Laguna

Eilat sits on Israel’s southern most point where the Red Sea meets the Sinai Peninsula. Eilat is bordered by Jordan to the East and Egypt (Sinai) to the West.

Eilat has always been a tourist favorite, especially from Scandanavian countries. Eilat is admired for her beautiful beaches (which some have been rumored to be topless…), and for its thriving hotel tourism. The weather is, unlike the rest of Israel, consistently hot. It is extremely hot in the summer, sometimes reaching 40 degrees celcius and more (over 100 F). In the winter, the weather is fair, as it hardly rains, and is a truly nice place to get away for a weekend (or more…).

Israelis love to jump down to Eilat for a weekend of relaxation and purchases – since the city of Eilat is exempt of VAT taxes, which are currently 15%.

The city of Eilat sits a few kilometers inland, with a relatively blue-collar working class of primarily immigrants from North Africa. Whereas the tourist section is on the beach and boasts a non-stop fun in the sun party. The laguna, which was built in the past 1990s, is actually a man-made landfill on the South-Eastern part of the beach to accomodate new hotels and the thriving tourist trade.

Eilat also has a small international airport which facilitates the tourists traveling from Europe and northern parts of Israel.

Here are some photos of the beautiful Eilat Laguna:

Eilat Beach Laguna

Here’s the laguna at sunset.

Eilat Beach Laguna

Check back later for more photos of Eilat!