Bubble Shooter – A Great Game To Waste Time

If you ever need to waste 15 minutes, have I got an idea for you!

Bubble Shooter

This really has little to do per se with Israel, other than that I am here and I play this game all the time.
The rules are pretty straightforward.  Shoot color balls to the same colors on the board.  If your ball hits two other balls of the same color, they all disappear.  If you don’t hit the same colors, all the balls drop a level.  You are trying to make all the balls disappear before they all land on you.  There’s no time constraint, which is why this game is simply infectious (and time-consuming).  Beware, you have been forewarned.  Once you start, you can’t stop!

Free iPhone – iPod – iPad App
Download the Bubble Shooter iPhone App Free. The joy has moved to the mobile phone. It works great on iPods too. Free Apple iTunes Download

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Bubble Shooter Game - Click To Start
Bubble Shooter Game – Click To Start