16 Countries Israelis Cannot Visit

In the wake of last week’s terror attack in San Bernadino, California, there have been calls from the right in USA to restrict entry from Syrians and other troubled countries.
Many have already pointed out the recent precedent set by Democratic President Jimmy Carter, who during the crisis with Iran in the late 1970s, denied Iranians entry to the USA.

Interesting to note that today, according to Wikipedia, there are 16 countries that do not permit entry to Israelis. Other than one of the countries on this list, sadly Malaysia, the other fifteen are radical Muslim (caliphates) countries. I say “sadly” Malaysia, as this young technologically savvy Asian nation really has no interaction with Israel, other than the fact that Malaysia is a Muslim country. Indonesia, another Asian muslim country, does permit entry to Israelis, but not to their universities.
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Boycott Israel Must See Video

Reggae music and boycotting Israel for human rights violations. Put them together, and you get this very catchy viral music video.

All you BDS supporters, watch this video and then let’s talk…

Have a look at human rights violations around the world, and then let’s get back and discuss Israel.