All Four Adam Sandler Hanukkah Songs

All Four Adam Sandler Chanukah Songs.

In 1994, Adam Sandler changed the way we think about Hanukkah songs.  When we were kids,  the popular chant was “I had a little dreidel” and the like.  Ask kids today, and most will rattle off the lyrics of one, if not all, of the Sandler tomes.  David Lee Roth could never have imagined he’d be best remembered as someone who lights the Menorah.

For those of you who haven’t been on this planet for the last twenty years, here’s a little primer.  Christmas has many songs and jingles, and the Jews feel left out.  So Mr. Sandler made a song (which became a series [dynasty?] ) that touts famous Jewish celebrities who “light the Menorah” just like you and me.  He plays on his guitar a simple melody, while listing off Jews who celebrate Chanukkah (is the “C” really silent in Hanukkah?).

So, without further ado,  here’s the four songs in order of appearance.

Hanukkah Song Part 1: 1994, a boyish looking Adam plays a simple composition with solo guitar, vocals sung in his silly voice, on Saturday Night Live during the SNL News Weekend Update.

Hanukkah Song Part 2:  1999, crowd knows the deal, and roars loudly on the zingers.  This version starts the rowdy lyrics that becomes part of the framework of the franchise in  future installments.

Hanukkah Song Part 3: 2002 – Sung with a children’s choir, with guest appearance by Rob Schneider (Deuce Bigelow). Composition includes a full rock band.

Hannukah Song Part 4: 2015, back after more than a decade,  Adam introduces his latest version at a concert in San Diego, at the San Diego Civic Theatre.


Which one is your favorite?

The 4th installment shows a much more comfortable Sandler. The stripped back composition and less raunchy lyrics add a golden touch to this popular song franchise.

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