Israel’s Economy is Growing Faster than EU – The answer to BDS

The IMF’s (International Monetary Fund) 2015 Survey of Countries GDP by Capita* is out. Guess which major Western countries, including the European Union, were below Israel, which ranked 22 overall.

Also interesting to see the progression of Israel’s GDP over time as compared to two of its regional neighbors, Greece, an EU member, and Saudi Arabia, an oil producing powerhouse.

Israel GDP Historical Growth vs. Saudi Arabia and Greece.
Israel GDP Historical Growth vs. Saudi Arabia and Greece.

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Some Muslims Want Sharia Law in USA

Muslims in USA were asked if the Sharia Muslim law supersedes the Constitution, and their responses were very forthcoming.

“The US Constitution was made by men, and the Sharia law was made by God” – The common refrain from this very telling video.
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10 Shekel Coin Stops Bullet – Hanukkah Miracle

A couple was injured by gun fire last night as they drove their car on the road 557 near the Arab village Tulkarem. The elderly couple, Shaul and Rachel Nir, are residents of the Jewish Quarter of the Old City, Jerusalem. They were visiting their grandchildren in the Yishuv Avnei Heifetz in the Shomron (Samaria).
Bullet stopped by Israeli Coin
Security forces arrived at the scene shortly after the attack and found Shaul critically wounded, and his wife suffered light wounds. The police investigating the incident found a ten shekel coin, shown in the photo, dented and having prevented a bullet from injuring the couple possibly more gravely. A real life Hanukkah miracle story for today.

16 Countries Israelis Cannot Visit

In the wake of last week’s terror attack in San Bernadino, California, there have been calls from the right in USA to restrict entry from Syrians and other troubled countries.
Many have already pointed out the recent precedent set by Democratic President Jimmy Carter, who during the crisis with Iran in the late 1970s, denied Iranians entry to the USA.

Interesting to note that today, according to Wikipedia, there are 16 countries that do not permit entry to Israelis. Other than one of the countries on this list, sadly Malaysia, the other fifteen are radical Muslim (caliphates) countries. I say “sadly” Malaysia, as this young technologically savvy Asian nation really has no interaction with Israel, other than the fact that Malaysia is a Muslim country. Indonesia, another Asian muslim country, does permit entry to Israelis, but not to their universities.
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Big Bang Theory Hanukkah

What could be better than to see actors as real people, proudly celebrating the Jewish holiday.  No props, no fanfare.  Just hanging around the lights of the menorah in their dressing room.

Pictured from left to right – Kevin Sussman, Mayim Bialik, Melissa Rauch, and producer Bill Prady.

TBBT Hanukah

Christian Arab Priest Plants Tree in Israeli Settlement

“Jews Live here, and they will continue to live here forever”
Father Gabriel Nadaf

This courageous man is a religious leader of the Greek Orthodox Christian minority in Israel. The video includes a few of his visits to Israeli settlements in Judea and Samaria (The West Bank) to help show solidarity with his Jewish countrymen.

One of his visits included a stop at a winery that has been singled out by the EU European Union as a “food produced in the occupied territories”.  The world needs more good men like Father Nadaf.


Jimmy Carter’s BDS Problem

Good news for former US President Jimmy Carter. He announced this week that his melanoma cancer is in remission.

Jimmy Carter

The experimental drug that he used Pembrolizumab, also known as Keytruda, was developed by an Israeli company, and clinically tested in Israel, where Melanoma occurrence ranks nearly highest per capita in the world.

Any chance that Carter will turn a softer tongue to Jerusalem?

All Four Adam Sandler Hanukkah Songs

All Four Adam Sandler Chanukah Songs.

In 1994, Adam Sandler changed the way we think about Hanukkah songs.  When we were kids,  the popular chant was “I had a little dreidel” and the like.  Ask kids today, and most will rattle off the lyrics of one, if not all, of the Sandler tomes.  David Lee Roth could never have imagined he’d be best remembered as someone who lights the Menorah.
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Hanukkah In The Internet Age

Remember when we were in high school? If we wanted to know something, anything, about a subject, we needed to go to the library and research it.
Often the answer couldn’t be found. I remember thinking to myself as a kid, “How tall is Dave Kingman?” (former baseball player) and of course, for athletes, that type of information was easier to obtain. As a matter of fact, trading sports cards was a great way to store information about your favorite athletes. Nowadays, finding any bit of information (and sometimes, much more than you ever wanted to know) can be accomplished in seconds – even without typing a keystroke, thanks to talking search results on most smartphones.
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Boycott Israel Must See Video

Reggae music and boycotting Israel for human rights violations. Put them together, and you get this very catchy viral music video.

All you BDS supporters, watch this video and then let’s talk…

Have a look at human rights violations around the world, and then let’s get back and discuss Israel.

Jews Harassed at Temple Mount in Jerusalem by Arab Mob – Daily Occurence

Here’s evidence of what the holy places in Jerusalem would look like in the event that Palestinians were given control.
Jews would not be permitted near them. Those who attempted, and without the support of Israeli police to protect them, would be harmed, and possibly killed.

This is the reality at the Holy Temple Mount in Jerusalem’s old city.
Jews revere the Temple Mount as the holiest place on earth. The Torah says this is the place where Adam was created on this earth – the dawn of creation.
It’s also revered by Jews as the location of the Binding of Isaac and where the two Holy Temples sat.

The Arabs lay claim to this plateau as well, as the site of Islam’s third holiest (Al-Aqsa) Mosque.

In recent years, Palestinians have taken to harassing Jews who venture up to the Temple Mount. Even police protection is not enough for a Jew to stand peacefully there without being shouted at by mobs of Arabs. Other videos have shown the Arab women to get physical and push or kick Jews even in as they stand right in front of the Israeli border police. The Arabs know that the Israeli government has ordered the Israeli police on the Temple Mount to show ultimate restraint against Palestinian Violence, lest there be a world backlash. This double standard plays out on a daily basis. We gain a glimpse into this violent ritual, as this time an Arab proudly videos their violent ways for all to see, much as the Nazis did in the 1930s.

Imagine The Future is Now – Israeli Innovation

This amazing 2 minute video shows you incredible new technologies that are happening today thanks to Israel technology innovations. Things that were best left to Hollywood are now actually working in the real world here in 2015.

Levitation of objects, really?

Israel: Where Imagination Becomes Reality

Posted by StandWithUs on Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Israel Innovation – Wearable Pregnancy Monitor

Watch this video. Do the world’s boycotters want to miss out on the next greatest Israeli invention?

Have a look at another great Israeli technology innovation, this time in the medical field – a lightweight wearable baby monitor.

This easy to wear device is in clinical trials. Once it is make commercially available, it could revolutionize the pregnancy experience.

✡ Israel = Life ✡ WATCH: Israel may have just answered the prayers of pregnant women everywhere. A wearable monitor to ease fears — and help ensure a healthy birth! Amazing!

Posted by The Israel Project on Sunday, June 7, 2015