20 Years Later, Where are they now?

where are they now?
where are they now?

I sometimes think about the famous Woody Allen movie, Annie Hall. There’s a famous scene where in a flashback kindergarten-aged children in a classroom, stand up one-by-one and announce what they will be in when they grow up.  Obviously, with Woody’s satire and genious sardonic approach, some of the kids become doctors and lawyers, while others become fellons, others die in car accidents, etc…

That scene had me thinking when I stumbled upon this photo from 1988 in Washngton DC of a somewhat random group of people I was either friends with at the time, and/or had grown up with.

Looking back at the 13 friends standing here, who could have known that twenty years later these would be the results: Four are living in Israel (two went back to USA), the rest in the USA.  One was the victim of a terror attack, two got married to each other,  two were divorced and one became a haredi rabbi.

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