The Spot Where Yitzchak Rabin Was Killed

In the heart of Tel Aviv is the municipality building. There is a plaza right next to it. Today that plaza is known as ‘Kikar Rabin’ or Rabin Square (it used to be Kikar Malchei Yisrael).

There is a parking lot that separates the plaza and the municipality building. On the night of his murder in November 1995, Rabin was standing in the entrance to the parking lot after appearing before a Pro-Oslo-Peace rally.

Yitzhak Rabin was the only Prime Minister of Israel to be assassinated.

In 2001, Israeli Cabinet member and Minister of Tourism, Rehavam Ze’evi (Zeevi) was gunned down in front of his hotel room in Jerusalem by an Arab terrorist.

Here is the location of Rabin’s assassination.  It remains a silent memory of a place where history was changed.

The Spray painted slogan at the top says “Slicha” (Forgive Us”)

Yitzchak Rabin Assasination

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