Lou Reed and Laurie Anderson Coming to Israel

Now that Sir Paul McCartney has come and gone, the road has been paved for other 66 year old rockers to step foot upon the Holy Lands of Tel Aviv.

Laurie Anderson (O Superman, Brave Heart) is an experimental musician who is also the wife of famous (Jewish) 60s and 70s rocker, Lou Reed. Laurie will be playing Nov 3-4 in Tel Aviv at the Heichal Tarbut and at the Moadon Redding in “Little” Tel Aviv.

Her husband, Lou Reed, is said to be accompanying her on this trip, and may join her onstage. Lou Reed is one of my favorite rockers from the late 60s and 70s. He was part of the legendary group Velvet Underground, which had some success with Sweet Jane and Rock and Roll. His solo career is best remembered for his signature hit Walk on the Wild Side, and the collaborative effort, Perfect Day. Lou was born to Jewish parents in 1942 in Brooklyn, NY.

One can only hope that these tickets will be a little easier to come by, and won’t break the bank as much as did Sir McCartney last month.