4 Easy Ways to Watch Israeli TV on Internet

There seems to be a non-exhaustive list of live tv channels available on the web these days.  I was most intrigued by the hundreds of streaming USA channels.  But for that good old Israeli TV, how about watching Mabat in Hebrew or English?

I like catching a shiur on Machon Meir’s live channel.  You can watch the Knesset (parliament) when in session.  There’s even Arutz Hakniot, the shopping channel (which is Israel’s version of Home Shopping Network – sort of like the “Used-car salesman meets Zig Ziglar”.

Here’s four of my favorite sites that aggregate thousands of live tv channels.

1. Streaming the Net – www.StreamingThe.net Very easy to use interface, simple and it works too!

2. WWITV – www.wwitv.com The live tv aggregator with the most traffic. You know what they say about choosing which restaraunt to eat at when on vacation… The colors of this site are awful, but hey, don’t mess with success.

3. Channel Chooser – www.channelchooser.com Slick interface, but this site includes adult links as well, so you will want to keep this one away from your kids.

4. Live Station – www.livestation.com  – Aside from the usual lineup of TV channels, they seem to have licensed some of the channels and/or have relationships with some of the broadcasters.  They do allow users to submit links, which means a larger selection, however,  many of the channels don’t work.