Ramat Gan Safari – A Baboon in Israel

A visit to Israel should include a stop at the Ramat Gan Safari & Zoo. Located just minutes from the airport, it’s a great place to spend a day. The kids will love seeing wild animals such as Hippos, Rhinos, Lions, and more in natural settings. They’ll also love seeing the 3 meter tall Ostriches that bend down to peek into your car to see if any snack food is available.
FYI – feeding the animals is a strict no-no and could be dangerous, even life-threatening to the animals. however, many of the visitors seem not to care. Hopefully, someday the park authorities will crack down on these miscreants.

Here’s the stately Baboon perched upon his stoop looking at all us silly humans:

Baboon at Ramat Gan Safari, Israel
Baboon at Ramat Gan Safari, Israel

Baboon with a relaxed pose