Mark Levin Slams Jon Stewart

You can expect a comedian to make jokes about current events. That’s what they’re getting paid to do. Make us laugh. Try to bring lightness to issues that are sometimes weighing heavily on the public conscience and consciousness. When do they cross the line? One pretty blatant example is how Jon Stewart portrays the Israel-Gaza conflict and Israel’s Operation Edge response to the constant barrage of Hamas rockets raining down on their population centers.

Jon Stewart distorted the truth and fed it to his considerable audience as though he was taking a lighter view of current events. Sure, everyone laughed. His sponsors were happy, the network was happy, ratings are great. But what about the truth? The left (or far left, depending on your perspective) campaign that Stewart ascribes to, constantly decries the right-leaning networks for hiding or distorting the facts. I’m frequently told “Aren’t all those Fox Network reporters nut-jobs?”…

Let’s have a look at what Stewart had to say in his own words: The Israel segment begins around 5 minutes in to the clip.

So, Israel is making apps to defend it’s citizens. Is that bad? Why is that funny?

Have you ever seen Israel, Jon Stewart? Where are the citizens of Israel supposed to go when they have 15 seconds (that’s FIFTEEN SECONDS) to run for shelter? What does it matter the size of your country when you have to run for cover? His arguments are not funny, they are political satire that are intended to bring across his very obvious political leanings. He is very misguided, and it’s unfortunate that Comedy Central lets him rant without an equal amount of time for followup to rant or laugh from a different perspective.

Mark Levin, right wing conservative talk show host, puts Stewart in his place. The 7 minute clip really sums it up well. Check it out on the blog: