Palestinians angered by Netanyahu peace terms

I still can’t believe that headline!
— Satire begin
Those crazy Palestinians. Look how far this has gone. Now when you offer them a state of their own, not only don’t they take it, but they get angry at you for offering it! It reminds me of the typical Jewish mother. Guilt, guilt, guilt. “What, we’re not good enough to live with you? You want to send us to our own place? After all we’ve done for you. After all we’ve been through together? tsk…
Satire over –

Extremist Poster of Obama as an Arab in Jerusalem
Extremist Poster of Obama as an Arab in Jerusalem

You would think that on the day Bibi Netanyahu actually utters the words “We’ll accept a Palestinian State” that finally the world would show some positive emotion. The EU has already said that it’s not enough. The US and Obama gave a tepid response. The Arab League, buoyed by the lukewarm response of the western world, snapped at Israel and demanded that not one iota of land ‘settled’ could be built on, including the 40,000 citizen ‘settlement’ of Ariel (which was the actual example given by the Egyptian Minister).

In effect, however, the underlying argument the world is trying to shove down our proverbial throats is “Jews can’t live in Judea & Samaria, period.”