Thousands Celebrate Israel at Manhattan 5th Ave Parade

Today was NYC’s annual 5th Avenue Israel Celebration “Salute to Israel” Parade. Tens of thousands filled the streets of midtown Manhattan for the annual celbration.  The parade marks the anniversary of Israel’s independence in 1948.

I love a parade.  Everyone loves a parade.

Bloomberg Israel Celebration Parade - AP/Boston Globe
Bloomberg Israel Celebration Parade - AP/Boston Globe

I saw the headline and had fond memories of the time a few years back, in 2002, I had just flown in on business to Kennedy Airport and hired a taxi to take me to the hotel I had reserved near Times Square in Midtown Manhattan.   Unbeknownst to the driver (and me), that was Israel Celebration Day in New York City.  We reached the midtown tunnel with relative ease and then came to a standstill around 43rd and Lexington Ave.  After about 20 minutes of wondering what was going on, the driver turned on the radio and we heard the play by play of the 5th Avenue Parade.

I remember the smile I gave to Mohamed my driver.  It was sweet but knowing.  Ah, the pleasures of being Jewish in NYC (as a tourist).  Eventually, I did make it to the hotel, and I even had enough time to throw down my belongings and run back to the event.  For Israeli citizens, our Israeli (and Jewish) pride swell at outward displays of affection to Israel and Zionism.  The feeling is exponentially greater when the affection is showered from outside our little country.

Thanks New York!