USA – Iran War Predicted by Rabbi 300 Yrs Ago

Iran is reportedly sending cargo ships to Yemen with humanitarian aid to the beleaguered Iranian-backed Huthi rebels.  The Shiite Huthis are locked in a rebellion against the Saudi and USA-backed Yemeni government.  This proxy war has pitted the USA and moderate Sunni Arab Gulf States against the Iranian regime.

Iran says it will send its Naval Warships to protect the cargo while en route to Yemen.  The US response was craftily harshly worded that it will embargo any Iranian Navy attempts to enter the Yemeni waters.  Neither side appears to be backing down.

Iran-USA War predicted in the 1700s

Rabbi Yonatan Eibschitz (1690-1764)
Rabbi Yonatan Eibschitz (1690-1764)

The strangely familiar scenario of the mighty Christian Empire facing off against the Persian Empire was predicted by a Jewish Rabbi and philosopher of the 18th Century in Europe.  Rabbi Yonatan Eibschitz was one of the great Jewish thinkers of the Middle Ages in Europe and among his many writings, he predicted that the days of the Messiah would not come until the Christians had defeated the Persian Empire.  Many later day commentaries have suggested that the USA today represents the descendants of the Christian Empire.