Video Proof that IDF is the World’s Most Humane Army

We’ve heard that IDF Israel’s Defense Force, is the most humane army in the world. Since the UN Human Rights Commission (which led to the Goldstone Report), the Israeli Army has made it official policy to film all actions.

The world continues to condemn and assume the worst, but time and time again, Israel brings the video evidence that asserts the facts on the ground.

Three such examples can be seen here. Notice the painstaking efforts made to communicate between headquarters and the commander on the ground, to be certain that they have the intended target.

In this first example, the commander is speaking with a female voice, presumably an IDF soldier working at headquarters, who in turn is having a phone conversation with a representative of the intended target, the Wafa Hospital in Northern Gaza. Israeli soldiers are being fired at from a hospital. They ask for permission to fire back at the Hamas. The commander makes a call back to HQ and in real time it plays out.
It’s actually quite surreal. The IDF soldier is asking over and over, in Arabic, “Are you sure there is no one there”. The Palestinian on the other end confirms that they transferred all the patients and locked the doors. No one can be in that hospital, that is except for Hamas who use it as a shield for fire on the Israeli troops.

Only after the all-clear is given on the phone, does the commander release the fire on the intended target. You will note that the UN Human Rights Commission has called for an inquiry to the alleged acts of genocide occurring in Gaza, that include this attack. The Palestinian’s claim that scores of patients were massacred there. Yet the hospital representative is saying in this video, as clear as day, that all the patients have been moved.

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