Israel Meetups – Get Your Business Idea Off the Ground

You can’t find work in your field?  You have a great idea. Now may be the time to start a business!  What do you do next?

Get started right here in Israel– find partners, brokers, investors, more – they’re all here.  No need to look to USA (or India)!

There’s a whole sub-culture of parlor meetings and entrepreneur meetups happening all the time in a city near you.

Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and Haifa, in particular, have a healthy number of forums where entrepreneurs can meet potential angel investors, and even present to interested parties for business development and other networking opportunities.

I’ve attended a fair number of these events.  Some have been quite rewarding.

The Tel Aviv crowd is generally (and here I’m generalizing) a more Israeli crowd. The investors usually are more sophisticated, e.g. they are representing funds or larger private equity groups. Whereas, the Jerusalem scene is generally filled with speculating angels, often accomplished anglo olim businessmen who still have a taste for startup investment.

Startups in Israel have attracted so much attention from many interested capital parties that one would assume that the streets are paved in gold. In reality, with the current world economic conditions, raising money these days from venture funds is nearly impossible. This reality has offered the ‘angels’ to take a more prominent role in helping new ideas to market.
The internet may be considered ‘old news’, but life sciences, renewable energy, and homeland security are extremely hot now.
I’ve attended several meetups in the recent months and although the mood has been somber compared to the ‘good old days’, there is a lot of activity now in networking and exchanging of information between interested parties.

How do I get started?
That depends on what you’re looking for… If you are generally interested in “getting in the game” whether as an angel investor or as an entrepreneur with an idea, the best place to get started is by speaking with your entrepreneurial friends and see whom they are speaking with and try to expand your network through the personal touch. A ‘warm’ connection is almost always better than a cold network group connection.

Next, go to, which is a great place to ‘shop’ for interesting parlor and networking meeting groups in your area. You’ll want to sign up for an account and add to your profile with your networking needs. Search for Tel Aviv or Jerusalem, or Haifa, (even Bet Shemesh!) and you’ll see a dozen or more networking groups that meet on a regular basis on a wide variety of topics.

Please share with us any of your business networking ideas.

More specifics to come…(you’re going to need a business plan)