Cracks in the BDS Boycott of Israel Starting to Appear

A big decision was handed down today by the Washington State Supreme Court in favor of a suit against the Olympia Co-Op Foods in that state.Olympia Foods had implemented a boycott back in 2011 on Israeli-made products.  Several of its board members had raised a lawsuit against the board to force removal of the boycott.  The trial court had ruled against the plaintiffs and assessed over $200,000 in fines.

Boycott Announcement
Olympia Foods Co-Op in Washington State Supporting the BDS Boycott of Israel

In order to appeal that decision, the plaintiffs would need to post bond to assure that the fines could be paid in case the rulling was upheld.  Thanks to the support of StandWithIsrael, they were able to post a bond and continue with the appeal.

According to StandWithIsrael , the state Supreme Court ruled 9-0 in favor of the appeal motion to continue the suit against Olympia Food Co-Op.

Unfortunately, these types of motions will need to be brought in other parts of the country as well until the evil head of boycott and selective hate has been defeated.