How Important is Aliyah Anyway?

A recent article by Haviv Rettig Gur, The Times of Israel’s political correspondent, makes the case for Israel’s Diaspora having waned. He shows, with the help of immigration statistics, how the 90s reached the apex of aliyah, thanks to a large Russian Jewry exodus from the former Soviet Union. North American Jewry, perhaps dismayed by growing economic troubles in the United States, were opting for a new life in Israel. He notes that with the resurgence of USA’s economy in recent years, coupled with Israel’s seemingly unsolvable political hazards, American Jews have decided to stay put.

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Our Review:

A well-researched article chock-full-of-statistics showing why N. American aliya has already seen his high-point in the 90s and how it’s all downhill from here.
But how much is aliyah relevant to the survival of Israel? Likewise, the author focuses on the economic prosperity of USA and Canada, and the political juggernaut in Israel, as the main reasons why less and less Jews are coming back to their homeland. However, as we’ve seen in the past (ie. Collapse of Soviet Union), a political event in the Diaspora can just easily send hundreds of thousands of Jews packing and gunning for Israel. Take the current crisis in Ukraine, or the overall outlook for Western European Jewry, including the 500,000 French Jews. If the situation rapidly worsens there, it’s feasible that many would jump en masse to Israel.

Next point – Jewish births in Israel have nearly doubled in 20 years. In 1996, there were 83,710 Jews born, and in 2013 the number had risen to 128,507. In fact, Israel population boom has been happening for 2 decades, much of it thanks to the Russian aliyah. What’s more is that the Jewish birth rate has steadily risen, and the Arab Israeli birth rate has declined. Arabs have dropped to 3.5 and Jews have risen to almost 3 births avg. Chalk it up to “self-actualization”?

At this rate of natural Jewish population growth, and decline in Arab population growth, aliyah is a “nice to have”, “the brothers return home”, but certainly not a showstopper.

Chicago Mosque – Imam Calls for Jihad on Israel

This four minute sermon was delivered in a Chicago Mosque last week.

According to Times of Israel, Sheik Mohamed Elimam is the Imam of a Mosque in Chicago.
In his speeches, fused together from two sermons, he speaks of the need for Mujahideen (guerrilla fighters in Islamic countries, generally meant for those fighting against non-Islamic enemies) to go Palestine and fight. In the sermon he says “Global Zionism an unadulterated evil besetting all people”. They are a thorn in the side of the Arab and Muslim nations that must be removed.

The Jihad that he repeatedly calls for is defined as “a war or struggle against unbelievers”.

This is the peace that Muslims are being taught in the USA. This is not the Middle East, this is the Mid West, and it’s playing at a theater near you.

Israel Tank Soldier Prayer for Safe Journey Entering Gaza

Israeli soldiers poised to enter into battle in the Gaza Strip. Tanks and armored vehicles lined up.
One soldier with a flashlight pressed against a pendant dangling from his neck, reads the prayer for a safe journey, Tefilat Haderech.

תפילת הדרך על פתח החזית בעזה.

Pro Hamas Rally in Miami Florida USA

Hamas is already in The United States of America. Or at least it would appear so…

This video really speaks for itself. For those of you sitting on the fence on the Israel – Gaza – Hamas debate, here’s a sneak peak at what you can expect if you let Hamas win. Only next time it may be in your very own neighborhood.

Who are these thugs? Anti-Israel, anti-Jewish (anti-Semitic), anti-USA? There they are, in plain view in sunny Southern Florida.

Israel’s Chief of Staff Benny Gantz Visiting Troops in Gaza

This clip was published by the IDF. The Israeli Chief of Staff, Benny Gantz visits troops on the ground in Gaza during Operation Protective Edge.
Being that it’s currently one of the hottest war zones in the world, it speaks volumes of the man’s courage and stature.

If the video had been in black and white, you could almost see General Patton speaking with the troops and boosting their morale in Europe.
I’m sure that this is the stuff legends are made of.

Notice a few subtleties –
1. He’s meeting them in “the shetach”, in the field. This is not just a propaganda film for the home front. He actually went out to the battle front to hear from commanders and soldiers on the ground and get their take on how the operation is proceeding. After listening to them, he reminds them of the stratge
2. When he’s speaking with the troops, he is sitting on his knees. Can you think of any Commander of major army in the world, who would get down on the ground to speak with troops in the field down on his knees? Maybe he gets low so the guys can see him eye to eye. After all, his height is a good 6′ 3″ (or more).
3. As he leaves, he says the Hebrew “L’hitraot” for we’ll meet again. As opposed to “Shalom”, which means Goodbye. When an Israeli says we’ll meet again, it means just that.

Strong, calculating, deliberate commanders make for successful campaigns.

בני גנץ רמתכ”ל ידראל – מבצע צוק איתן

Howard Stern on Israel and Palestinian Conflict

A caller gets under Howard Stern’s skin and he lets off a unprecedented tirade for the next five minutes.

The caller wanted to talk with Howard’s previous guest, John Oliver from Comedy Central about Israel, and the Palestinians. He said Howard would “Change his tune” about supporting Israel. Stern says a few expletives, and then the caller says “Zionists run Israel”, and that’s when Howard Stern loses it.

Yes, his vocabulary includes many profane words, but he totally gets it.

Warning: Very strong language in this clip.

It’s good to see that there are still a few in the very liberal media industry who are willing to speak against the tide.

Leaked Copy of Kerry’s Gaza Israel Ceasefire Plan

US Secratary of State John Kerry, spent most of last week shuffling between Israel, Egypt, Turkey, and Qatar, to try to bring about a halt to the military action going on Gaza.
He presented this leaked document (as published in Ha’aretz, Middle East News, and other news sources) as a draft proposal, to the Israeli government for a cease fire.
The Israeli Cabinet rejected it out of hand, unanimously by a vote of 8-0.

Leaked Copy of Kerry’s proposed Israel Gaza Ceasefire Plan

The Israelis felt that the plan unprecedentedly upgraded Hamas to an equal level as Israel and other mentioned parties. It also answered many of Hamas’ original demands as put forth by the Qataris and Turkish intermediaries, but failed to mention the securities offered Israel in the original Egyptian proposal.

The Palestinian Authority had also expressed dismay that the original Egyptian plan hadn’t been used as the framework for this new proposal.

Video Proof that IDF is the World’s Most Humane Army

We’ve heard that IDF Israel’s Defense Force, is the most humane army in the world. Since the UN Human Rights Commission (which led to the Goldstone Report), the Israeli Army has made it official policy to film all actions.

The world continues to condemn and assume the worst, but time and time again, Israel brings the video evidence that asserts the facts on the ground.

Three such examples can be seen here. Notice the painstaking efforts made to communicate between headquarters and the commander on the ground, to be certain that they have the intended target.

In this first example, the commander is speaking with a female voice, presumably an IDF soldier working at headquarters, who in turn is having a phone conversation with a representative of the intended target, the Wafa Hospital in Northern Gaza. Israeli soldiers are being fired at from a hospital. They ask for permission to fire back at the Hamas. The commander makes a call back to HQ and in real time it plays out.
It’s actually quite surreal. The IDF soldier is asking over and over, in Arabic, “Are you sure there is no one there”. The Palestinian on the other end confirms that they transferred all the patients and locked the doors. No one can be in that hospital, that is except for Hamas who use it as a shield for fire on the Israeli troops.

Only after the all-clear is given on the phone, does the commander release the fire on the intended target. You will note that the UN Human Rights Commission has called for an inquiry to the alleged acts of genocide occurring in Gaza, that include this attack. The Palestinian’s claim that scores of patients were massacred there. Yet the hospital representative is saying in this video, as clear as day, that all the patients have been moved.

Warning Call to Wafa Hospital Before IDF Targets Site

IDF Demolishes Tunnel Used to Attack Golani Vehicle

IDF Destroys Hamas Tunnel in Gaza

This is How Time Magazine Distorts the News on Gaza – Israel

Their July 27 headline reads as follows: “Israel Acknowledges Mortar Strike at UN School, But Denies Casualties”, which on Twitter, as of this writing, reaped 125 retweets and 40 favorites in the first link, and then three hours later on a duplicated tweet, reaped similar numbers (Interesting, by the way, that only this title, from all the subjects they are reporting on, required a duplicate tweet). Nearly all of the responses in Twitter are pro-Palestinian and decidedly anti-Israel (with a few anti-Jewish).

The article is essentially an AP retread as written by Sam Frizell, a business reporter for Time in New York City. Good to see that Time dedicates New York armchair quarterbacks to report the hard and important issues, instead of hard-nosed investigative correspondents on the ground, who get feedback from the primary sources in the field before filing their stories.

The article consists of five short paragraphs. It states Hamas’ claim that 16 civilians were killed at the school, refugees from earlier fighting, (for which the only source given was a Reuters report filed by NIDAL AL-MUGHRAB in Gaza), followed by a disclaimer by the IDF Spokesman. Th Israeli spokesman, Peter Lerner, acknowledges that there was fighting near the school, but denies that anyone had been killed by Israeli shells.

The final paragraph states, almost as an afterthought, that the UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-Moon strongly condemned the attack Thursday, though he said at the time that “circumstances are still unclear.” As a takeaway, the article concludes with “Ban earlier said that rockets had been found in two separate evacuated UN schools, saying that ‘those responsible are turning schools into potential military targets.'”

So what’s wrong with this report?
It seems like both sides of the story were reported. It’s not what _is_ reported, but what is _not_ reported here that distorts the reality.

1. The IDF released a video showing the school before and during the attack. As of the result of the last UN Human Rights Commission farce, Israel has learned that it must take over and above precautions and film every battle, every altercation, literally every step they take. Often, this places Israeli soldiers in harm’s way, especially the one who is videoing the battle. The video shows noone in the area in the front of the school before the attack, and shows rockets being fired by Hamas FROM the school. Why isn’t that included in this report?

IDF video showing three rockets being launched from a Gaza school

2. In their report, Ban Ki-Moon, the UN Secretary General, was even quoted as saying that Hamas was responsible for turning the schools into military targets by placing rockets and firing from them. So why is the title of the article “Israel Acknowledges Mortar Strike at UN School…”. Wouldn’t this be more appropriate “Palestinian Refugees caught in cross-fire between Hamas and Israel at UN School” or “Hamas Fires Rockets from Gaza School, Israel Retaliates with Lateral Casualties”? Of course, the latter probably wouldn’t yield 400 retweets and favorites on Twitter.

This style of reporting by omission is used by all of the mainstream media on their reporting of the war in Gaza to help support the Hamas narrative. Time, along with NPR, CNN, and many other US mainstream news sources, consistently report on Israel and the Palestinians in this fashion.

You Will Never See This on CNN or BBC – IDF in Gaza

This short video shows what Israeli troops on the ground in Gaza are up against as they engage residential areas in Gaza left behind by Hamas.

Gaza Streets and Homes Rigged with Explosives

This Israeli soldier shows how seven homes are booby-trapped together into one big explosion waiting for the advancing soldiers.
Fortunately, the IDF saw the signs of the trap before entering. This is a typical residential area in saijeyah, Northern Gaza.
In the homes, they found weapons caches, rocket caches, booby-trapped doorways, all inter-connected to a central trigger.

Instead of risking the lives of the ground troops, to try and dismantle the network of bombs, Tzaha”l (IDF) decided to move out the soldiers and blow up the area from the air force support.
When we see the pictures of entire areas being blown away, now we can understand why the response was actually very proportional.

Hillary Clinton on Jon Stewart Talking About Gaza

Jon Stewart tries to lead Hillary Clinton down the usual path of blaming Israel for the situation in Gaza.

To my great surprise, Hillary tells it like it is. Wow! Listen to this clip. The usual wise-cracking Stewart was mostly silent as he realized he wasn’t getting a bone tossed to continue on his usual Israel-bashing rant coated in pseudo “I’m kinda Jewish too” humor.

She explains how she brokered the cease-fire in 2010, and how Hamas, and Palestinians in Gaza were given funds (billions of dollars frim USA and EU…ed.) and they squandered it on violence and inner Palestinian games. From this talk we learn that, 1. She actually gets it, 2. She’s not afraid to speak her mind – even when it bucks the conventional sugar-coated liberal agenda.

The discussion needs to be shifted from blaming Israel, to figuring out to dismantle Hamas and actually bring a solution to the Palestinian people.

Pray for Wounded Israeli Soldiers – Operation Protective Edge

אנא אמרו תהילים לרפואתם שלהחיילים הפצועים ממבצע צוק איתן. השמות מעודכנים לעכשיו. אם ידוע לכם על שינויים במצבם נא להודיע לנו.

רפואה שלמה ומהירה לכולם – אנו אוהבים אתכם מכל הלב

Please say Tehilim and included these names of wounded Israeli soldiers from Operation Protective Edge.
Here’s a current list of wounded soldiers. Please let us know if you know of changes, additions, or names that can be removed B”H.

גיל בן מיכל
אוהד בן אליס גנון
מרדכי חי בן ברכה יהודית
עמוס בן סיגל
עמית בן מרים
אוהד בן רות
משה אלעד בן עיתיאל
רן בן ציפורה.
דולב בן כוכבה
יונתן שמעון בן גיטל
יוני בן שרה
אביעד בן סימה
ארז בן שרית
דור יצחק בן סוזי
רמי בן רמונד
עובדיה בן רויטל
דניאל מנדס בן מרים
יונתן שמעון בן מסעוד
מור מורדכי בן שרית
נריה בן חווה
שקד בן אורה
אליאל בן אריאלה
אליהו בן חווה
ארד בן ליאורה
ליאל בן אילנית
יונתן בן חגית אביגיל
שוהם בן יפה פלורה
יעקב בן לאפו
מיכאל בן פרידה
יואב בן גילה
ישי דב הלוי בן נרי
רותם בן ארנונה
בן דויד בן אסתר נלי
גיא בן מגי
טל חיים בן תמרה
ארנון בן איריס
צוריאל אליהו בן שולמית
רותם בן ארנונה
מעוז חיים בן חסיה מלכה
משה בן סיגלית חביב
אוהד בן רחל
אורי בן רחל
יהודה פנחס בן שלמה
דוד בן רחל
בניה בן פנינה
אושיק משה בן שושנה זהרי
יוגב בן סימה
ניצן בן מזל
שי בן אורלי
אברהם נחמן בן אוסנת
יעקב בן אוסנת
דניאל בן נעמי פנינה
רון מנחם בן חנה
נמרוד בן ויקטוריה
יונתן מנחם בן שושנה
סער בן דבורה
אור בן דבורה
אביחיל אלימלך בן נחמה
יאיר שמעון בן נחמה
דני בן מילה
עידן בן בת שבע
אור בן ריקי
מאור בן רונית
מוטי מרדכי בן רונית
עמישב בן אסתר
ליאור בן ניצנה
יאיר בן יעל
ליאור בן רות
טל בן חגית
יואב בן בלה
שי סימן-טוב בן חווה

Mark Levin Slams Jon Stewart

You can expect a comedian to make jokes about current events. That’s what they’re getting paid to do. Make us laugh. Try to bring lightness to issues that are sometimes weighing heavily on the public conscience and consciousness. When do they cross the line? One pretty blatant example is how Jon Stewart portrays the Israel-Gaza conflict and Israel’s Operation Edge response to the constant barrage of Hamas rockets raining down on their population centers.

Jon Stewart distorted the truth and fed it to his considerable audience as though he was taking a lighter view of current events. Sure, everyone laughed. His sponsors were happy, the network was happy, ratings are great. But what about the truth? The left (or far left, depending on your perspective) campaign that Stewart ascribes to, constantly decries the right-leaning networks for hiding or distorting the facts. I’m frequently told “Aren’t all those Fox Network reporters nut-jobs?”…

Let’s have a look at what Stewart had to say in his own words: The Israel segment begins around 5 minutes in to the clip.

So, Israel is making apps to defend it’s citizens. Is that bad? Why is that funny?

Have you ever seen Israel, Jon Stewart? Where are the citizens of Israel supposed to go when they have 15 seconds (that’s FIFTEEN SECONDS) to run for shelter? What does it matter the size of your country when you have to run for cover? His arguments are not funny, they are political satire that are intended to bring across his very obvious political leanings. He is very misguided, and it’s unfortunate that Comedy Central lets him rant without an equal amount of time for followup to rant or laugh from a different perspective.

Mark Levin, right wing conservative talk show host, puts Stewart in his place. The 7 minute clip really sums it up well. Check it out on the blog: