Tel Aviv Shuk HaCarmel Photos

The Shuk (HaCarmel Market) in Tel Aviv is situated in the southern part of the city bordering on Alenby Road. Thousands of locals and tourists flood the shuk every day.

Walking through the shuk you can hear just about any language spoken: Street vendors are hawking their wares in Hebrew. Tourists and foreign workers can be heard speaking in English, French, German, Asian languages, etc…

Here are some un-edited photos of the shuk. I am presenting them here in the way you would experience the shuk if you were to walk through it yourselves. There is a constant rush of people, sites, and sounds.

Tel Aviv Shuk HaCarmel Tel Aviv Shuk HaCarmel Tel Aviv Shuk HaCarmel Tel Aviv Shuk HaCarmel

Tel Aviv Shuk HaCarmel Tel Aviv Shuk HaCarmel Tel Aviv Shuk HaCarmel Tel Aviv Shuk HaCarmel

Tel Aviv Shuk HaCarmel Tel Aviv Shuk HaCarmel Tel Aviv Shuk HaCarmel

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Tel Aviv Beach Photos

Tel Aviv is long and skinny (as are many of the men and women in these images…). Tel Aviv has a several mile beach that runs along it’s western border. The weather in Tel Aviv is actually a meaningless term for 8 months of the year. The temperature is simply hot and sticky. The humidity runs at 90% and higher every day, with temperatures in the mid to upper 30’s Celsius (90’s + Farenheit).

Tel Aviv is Israel’s truly cosmopolitan city. Tel Aviv residents have some collective chip in their shoulders almost as if it was a national duty to keep Tel Aviv a staunchly secular European-style city. We’ll provide more examples of this phenomenon in other posts about this great city. Now, back to the beach…

The beach is a natural attraction. From early in the morning until dusk, you’ll see sun bathers, kids in soccer games, ‘matkot’ paddle ball games, and swimming. You’ll also see wind surfers, para-sails, kayakers, and generally folks of all ages having a good time. Most of the tourist hotels are right on the beach, just on the other side of the road. Vacationers fall out of their rooms right onto the beach.

Here’s some general photos of the beach. Each thumbnail opens a larger image.

Walking to Tel Aviv Beach South Tel Aviv Beach Taking a shower Playing at Jaffa Beach

On the Rocks Kiosk at Tel Aviv Beach Morning on Tel Aviv Beach Kayak on Tel Aviv Beach

Sunbathers Tel Aviv Beach Surfer Tel Aviv Beach Tel Aviv Beach Photos Tel Aviv Beach Photos

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Monster Slide Jerusalem

Here’s a straight shot of the Monster Slide in Ein Kerem, Jerusalem.

Jerusalem Monster Slide

This is one of the true fun places to go when visiting Jerusalem.

To get there by car, simply drive south from the main entrance of Jerusalem on Herzl Road, always following the signs to Hadassa Ein Kerem Hospital. You will eventually get to a traffic light with this wonderful park on your left side. It’s about a 10-15 min ride depending on how many traffic lights you hit. If you reached the hospital, turn around, you went too far!

The Monster slide is a famous stop for university students and college tours.

Students on Jerusalem monster slider

Men in Black Hats

Sometimes guys in hats just want to have fun. This shot was taken at a Music festival near the Jaffa Gate of the Old City, Jerusalem. Men in Black Hats Then again, sometimes, hats just want to be alone. This shot was taken at a hat store catering to orthodox women near the Jerusalem City Center. Hats Off to Noone Sometimes a hat can mean a world of difference. In this photo, a Chabad man is helping soldiers put on Tefilin (Prayer Phylacteries) at the Western Wall. Hats of Choice

Jaffa Road (Yaffo)

Hats on Jaffa Road

Kibbutz Tzora

Kibbutz Tzora is nestled between Bet Shemesh and the beginings of the shefayla “heartland”. The Kibbutz was settled in the 1948 by former Palmach members. Many of the members have immigrated from South America, UK, and South Africa. Today, the Kibbutz boasts a robust industry including everything from an office complex to a wedding hall to a cow milking facility.

Here’s an image of the Kibbutz from Tel Shemesh facing North.

Kibbutz Tzora

This image reminds me of the fields of amber grains in downstate Illinois and Indiana.

Annapolis Changes Israel’s Map?

Ehud Olmert’s bold promise at Annapolis last week was that Israel was, and is willing to make painful concessions.

The Arab World seems relatively confident that this means Israel will relinquish East Jerusalem. Here’s a photo of dusk at the Western Wall Promenade in the Old City of Jerusalem (aka East Jerusalem).

Western Wall Promenade

Imagine for a moment that all Jews in this photo would at best have to pass thru a Palestinian checkpoint to get to this part of the New Arab Capital. Keep in mind that all other areas “relinquished” to the Palestinians in the years since Oslo, including Jericho, Ramallah, Nablus, Gaza, and parts of Hebron, have all become “Juden Rein” – Jews are not permitted to access these areas. It is actually the Israeli government who forbids Jewish Israeli citizens from going to these territories.

mikhael gorbachev in Jerusalem

I was walking around the Old City one day in 2003, near the Jaffa Gate, and literally 10 meters from me a nice Town Car pulls up. Someone jumps out of the front passenger seat and opens the back door for Mikahel Gorbachev (former President of the Soviet Union, now deceased). There he was, and there I was with my Nikon F80 camera. I was the only one there with a camera, so I got up nice and close and pretended that I was from the press.

Here are some images from that moment:

gorbachev in Jerusalem

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gorbachev in Jerusalem gorbachev in Jerusalem

Jerusalem Shuk – Mahane Yehuda

Whether you are looking for fruits and vegetables, or
fish, meat, candy, coffee, spices, kitchen utensils, bargain clothing (odd-lots), Judaica, or just about anything else – The Shuk (Mahane or Machane Yehuda) is The place to go!

The Shuk is bound by Jaffa and Aggripas Streets.
Most of the vendors are under awnings “Indoors”, however some, such as the Pita Hawkers, are simply out in the middle of the road. You can expect to hear quite a bit of price hawking being shouted from the vendor’s cubicles. Typically, they are informing you of the great deals available – such as “A dozen pitas for 10 Shekels” or “3 Shekel for one kilo of juicy tomatoes”. Sometimes, however, you can hear the inevitable haggling over prices from savvy shoppers (old-timers and youngsters).

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Shuk Machane Yehuda Shuk Machane Yehuda Shuk Machane Yehuda

Shuk Machane Yehuda Shuk Machane Yehuda Shuk Machane Yehuda

Shuk Machane Yehuda Shuk Machane Yehuda