Mini Israel – Near Latrun

If you are looking for a great way to spend a couple hours with your family this summer, head on over to Mini Israel, an outdoor walking tour within an enclosed park that showcases all of Israel’s popular sites in miniature.  The park is located just off Highway #1 near the Latrun exit.  The current admission fees are 69 NIS per adult and 25 NIS per child (under 5).  If you have a Leumi Mastercard, you can get 1+1 admission, but that will only work for 2 tickets max.

In the summer, the site is nearly impossible to traverse without protection from the sun. Be sure to come prepared with sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, and plenty of water. The park overs free sun umbrellas that you return when you leave.  There are also water mists in several locations in the park, so you can cool off before going to the next venue.

Here are some photos of the sites at mini-israel:

Egged Haifa Israel Train Parking Lot Masada

Wind Turbines Golan  Kfar Nachum (Caparneum) Kineret Tnuva Truck Bahai Shrine - Haifa

El Al Ben Gurion Airport Construction in Israel Kvish 6 Warming up at Blumfield

Solar Panels Ma’rat Hamachpela Hebron Yad Kennedy Tel Aviv - Habima

Yad Eliyahu Ramat Gan Safari Tel Aviv - Kikar Rabin Western Wall - Hakotel

Dome of the Rock

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