Israeli Solider Praying for Peace

2003 – Israeli Solider praying at the Western Wall (Kotel).
Israeli Soldier Praying for Peace

It was the night of a terrorist attack in Jerusalem.

I shot this image in 2003 the night of a terrorist attack in Jerusalem. A suicide bomber had exploded himself in the center of town. The entire city was a police fortress. The border patrol units were hunting for possible collaborators. I went down to the Kotel (Old City – Western Wall) and saw there were soldiers there, many of them were new recruits, who were praying at the wall for peace.

Technical details – Nikon F100, Fuji Astra, 1/60, ISO 100. Leaned on a table and shot with self-timer. The unique yellow lighting to this image comes from the halogen floodlights that light up wall at nighttime.

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