Israel at the Beijing Olympics

Israel Channel One TV is broadcasting the Olympics in Israel.   The sports announcers are a bit aggressive in their predictions,  and they do have a flair for the dramatic, but overall the coverage has been plentiful.

I like to get the ‘behind the scenes’ stories on athletes, so I am usually checking out Walla , who frequently include video interviews of athletes and a good recap of the day’s events.  The Ynet (Yediot’s website)  is more focused, as usual, in the context-based ads to the story you are viewing. Anyone tell those yokels that we don’t like interstitial ads on every article we read?

There’s actually been little drama in these olympics for Israel, other than the Phelps-Spitz connection (after all, Mark Spitz was a Maccabean Champion before he was an Olympic Champion!).

There was also the story of the Israeli swimmer, Alon Mandel, whose father died tragically in Israel just as his son was settling in to the Olympic Village in Beijing.  The son decided to swim, as he said he thought his father would have wanted, and broke an Israeli record in the process.  There was some hoopla in the press with a religious leader back in Israel suggesting that the son should have shown more honor to his dead father and flown home immediately for the funeral instead of keeping the body on ice for nearly a week.

Ok, now to the results.  After one week of action, Israel is still looking for it’s first medal in these games.  Many of the early favorites have already failed in their attempts.  Our hopes for now are pinned on Kolganov in Kyaking who today reached the semi-finals.

Let’s go blue and white!


Shachar Zubari brought home Israel’s first (bronze) medal in this Olympics in windsurfing. He’s only 19 yrs. old, and comes from Eilat.
Shachar Zovri

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