Husan Arab Village Photos (South of Jerusalem)

This Arab village, Husan, has been mostly quiet in the history of Israel since it was captured in the 1967 Six Day War. It is situated just a few kilometers south of Gilo, the southernmost neighborhood of Jerusalem. It also sits strategically on the main road between the Gush Etzion area (which includes the 20,000+ city of Efrat), the burgeoning settlement of Beitar Illit, and Jerusalem.

In 2001, during the second intifada, the calm was disturbed. Residents of Husan would stand on the plateau above the main road and throw rocks at passerby vehicles. On a few occasions, terrorists came to Husan and fatally shot travelers on the main ‘tunnel’ road, and near Beitar Illit.

The army responded with curfews and built a huge fence to cage in the residents, and effectively halt the rock-throwing. To help prevent further terrorist incursions, Husan residents were restricted from traveling by car to and from the village.

The result was a strange spectacle of hundreds of workers from Husan every day being driven by van services to the edge of the village, then to walk across the main highway, only to be picked up by further van services to shuttle them to nearby Bethlehem and further.

Husan Residents Walking

Husan Arab Village Photos (South of Jerusalem) Husan Arab Village Photos (South of Jerusalem) Husan Arab Village Photos (South of Jerusalem)

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