This is How Time Magazine Distorts the News on Gaza – Israel

Their July 27 headline reads as follows: “Israel Acknowledges Mortar Strike at UN School, But Denies Casualties”, which on Twitter, as of this writing, reaped 125 retweets and 40 favorites in the first link, and then three hours later on a duplicated tweet, reaped similar numbers (Interesting, by the way, that only this title, from all the subjects they are reporting on, required a duplicate tweet). Nearly all of the responses in Twitter are pro-Palestinian and decidedly anti-Israel (with a few anti-Jewish).

The article is essentially an AP retread as written by Sam Frizell, a business reporter for Time in New York City. Good to see that Time dedicates New York armchair quarterbacks to report the hard and important issues, instead of hard-nosed investigative correspondents on the ground, who get feedback from the primary sources in the field before filing their stories.

The article consists of five short paragraphs. It states Hamas’ claim that 16 civilians were killed at the school, refugees from earlier fighting, (for which the only source given was a Reuters report filed by NIDAL AL-MUGHRAB in Gaza), followed by a disclaimer by the IDF Spokesman. Th Israeli spokesman, Peter Lerner, acknowledges that there was fighting near the school, but denies that anyone had been killed by Israeli shells.

The final paragraph states, almost as an afterthought, that the UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-Moon strongly condemned the attack Thursday, though he said at the time that “circumstances are still unclear.” As a takeaway, the article concludes with “Ban earlier said that rockets had been found in two separate evacuated UN schools, saying that ‘those responsible are turning schools into potential military targets.'”

So what’s wrong with this report?
It seems like both sides of the story were reported. It’s not what _is_ reported, but what is _not_ reported here that distorts the reality.

1. The IDF released a video showing the school before and during the attack. As of the result of the last UN Human Rights Commission farce, Israel has learned that it must take over and above precautions and film every battle, every altercation, literally every step they take. Often, this places Israeli soldiers in harm’s way, especially the one who is videoing the battle. The video shows noone in the area in the front of the school before the attack, and shows rockets being fired by Hamas FROM the school. Why isn’t that included in this report?

IDF video showing three rockets being launched from a Gaza school

2. In their report, Ban Ki-Moon, the UN Secretary General, was even quoted as saying that Hamas was responsible for turning the schools into military targets by placing rockets and firing from them. So why is the title of the article “Israel Acknowledges Mortar Strike at UN School…”. Wouldn’t this be more appropriate “Palestinian Refugees caught in cross-fire between Hamas and Israel at UN School” or “Hamas Fires Rockets from Gaza School, Israel Retaliates with Lateral Casualties”? Of course, the latter probably wouldn’t yield 400 retweets and favorites on Twitter.

This style of reporting by omission is used by all of the mainstream media on their reporting of the war in Gaza to help support the Hamas narrative. Time, along with NPR, CNN, and many other US mainstream news sources, consistently report on Israel and the Palestinians in this fashion.

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