Crazy Pronunciations for Hashem’s Name

I was in synagogue the other day and the chazan (the one who leads the prayer service) is going along at a fine pace. His diction was good. He sounded typical middle-of-the-road ‘pareve’ Israeli Ashkenaz Hebrew. Then, he gets to a bracha, and says Hashem’s name with a Eastern-European pronunciation “Adee-Noy”.

The second syllable was said like an “e” to rhyme with tree.

“Baruch atah Adee-Noy.” What the heck was that???

I can (sort of) understand the Polish Jews and Chasidim, who anyways have different pronunciations for everything. I’m not sure from where their masoret (tradition) comes, but at least they are consistent.

This guy, typical blue and white flag waving Israeli is perhaps trying to sound ‘stylish’? Where else could that e sound have come from? Saying G_d’s name is a very serious thing. As a matter of fact, so serious that it’s one of the Ten Commandments (Not saying God’s name in vain ?? ??? ?? ?? ?’ ????).

I know I’ve heard of a psak (Rabbinical ruling) that says this is not acceptable, and that you can’t even say Amen to a bracha that is uttered other than in the way the word is spelled. I just can’t find the source. If you know of the source of this ruling, please let me know ASAP so that I can bring it to the attention of this well-meaning soul.

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