Old City Jerusalem Antennas

This shot was actually taken from the promenade next to the Western Wall – facing North of the Wall and adjacent to the Temple Mount (Al Aqsa Mosque). These TV antennas testify to the importance of news and entertainment to the residents of the old city.

old city jerusalem antennas

Technical Data: Ilford Pan-F, Nikon FE, 28mm cropped. Developed in Agfa-Rodinal and scanned with Minolta Dual Scan.

Hurva Synagogue – Old City Jerusalem

Here’s the ruins of the famous Hurva Synagogue. The commemorative arch was built in 1978 to memorialize the former size and splendor of this once grand synagogue until it was destroyed in 1948 by the Arab Legion (Jordanian Army) in the Israeli War of Independence.

Here are two views of the Arch.

Hurva Synagogue - Old City Jerusalem

Hurva Syngagogue Arch - Jerusalem

Technical Details: Nikon FE, Fuji Velvia, both shot with a Sigma 24mm.

Flora of Israel

These were shot on a hiking trail about 5km south of Bet Shemesh. I went out for a hike just before daybreak.

The ground was wet, it had rained slightly overnight. I wanted to capture the luminescence of these plants. I tried a bunch of shots with a tripod with low shutter speeds – then just for a change, i pulled out my SB-28 and gave them a fill flash. Here’s the results. They seem to pop out of the image – like three dimensional.

Flora of Israel with flash

Flora of Israel 2 w/ flash

Technical Info: Both were shot with Nikon F100, 28mm-105m with Macro, 1/125.
Both had fill flash from a SB-28.

Beit Jimel (??? ?’????) – Pruned Olive Trees

Beit Jimel is a Franciscan order monastery on the foothills to the Judean Hills – near Bet Shemesh.

Beit Jimel Olive Trees (2002)

The church is said to own the land adjacent to the monastery which includes breathtaking views of the Judean Hills to the East, the city of Bet Shemesh to the North, and prime hiking trails to the South and West. The monastery also has grapevines, a winery, and olive tree orchards.

This photo was shot in the afternoon. I especially like the angle, the lighting, and the grace of the trees. They have a somewhat majestic swagger. The warmth of the Velvia film really works nicely here.

Technical Info: Nikon F100, Fuji Velvia, 24mm, 1/250, E-6 Home Processed, Minolta Dual-Scan.

Dormition Abbey

Dormition Abbey

Dormition Abbey is on Mount Zion about 50 meters just outside the Zion Gate and walls of the Old City of Jerusalem. It is a massive and impressive structure that resembles a mighty fortress.

Technical Details: Shot with a Nikon FE, 24mm f.2.8, 1/250.  I nudged up pretty close to the northeast corner of the building and shot with a very wide angle lens that somewhat distorted the edges.

Israeli Solider Praying for Peace

2003 – Israeli Solider praying at the Western Wall (Kotel).
Israeli Soldier Praying for Peace

It was the night of a terrorist attack in Jerusalem.

I shot this image in 2003 the night of a terrorist attack in Jerusalem. A suicide bomber had exploded himself in the center of town. The entire city was a police fortress. The border patrol units were hunting for possible collaborators. I went down to the Kotel (Old City – Western Wall) and saw there were soldiers there, many of them were new recruits, who were praying at the wall for peace.

Technical details – Nikon F100, Fuji Astra, 1/60, ISO 100. Leaned on a table and shot with self-timer. The unique yellow lighting to this image comes from the halogen floodlights that light up wall at nighttime.