Bet Guvrin Caves – Israel Parks

Beit Guvrin (Bet Guvrin) is a national park in Israel, about 15km east of Kiryat Gat. This cave city was dug out in the 3rd-2nd centuries BCE (Hellenistic Period) and sits about 400m above sea level, with soft chalky rock. The inhabitants profited from raising pigeons. This cave shows pigeon nesting holes that were dug out in symetrical lines.

Beit Guvrin (??? ??????)

Recently Added Photos of Beit Guvrin Caves. Notice how these top openings are cylindrical. That’s impressive for 2,000+ years ago. The cave dwellers used these holes for sunlight. They covered them with leaves and straw in the winter months to protect from cold and rain.

Beit Guvrin Caves

Beit Guvrin Caves

Beit Guvrin Caves

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