Arab Terrorist Killed in Jerusalem

Jaffa Rd, the center of Jerusalem today experienced the horror of a mad terrorist bulldozing 2 busses, cars, and killing  3 innocent people (including a 33 yr old woman who saved her baby by throwing her from her clutches).

In the video below, you will see quite graphically, how the terrorist was killed after his rampage.  A policeman in a white shirt inside the cab of the bulldozer was struggling with the  terrorist until, a true hero, a civilian, jumped on the moving bullldozer, took the gun from the wounded policeman, and killed the terrorist at point blank range.

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One thought on “Arab Terrorist Killed in Jerusalem”

  1. Israeli Arabs (there’s an oxymoron for you) have no business working other than in their own villages. They are a fifth column, with no loyalty to the state other than their free social services.

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