Annapolis & The Israeli Mentality

With a small country and a large history of wars, Israeli is filled with monuments to our fallen soldiers. Nearly every place you go there’s another “andarta” (monument in Hebrew). I was listening to Prime Minister Olmert’s speech at the Annapolis Conference yesterday, and it got me to thinking about the Israel psyche.

Andarta with room Engineering Corps Monument near Tzomet Hulda.

Notice that this monument has walls with plaques and names of fallen soldiers from the Engineering Corps. As part of the inevitability of the Israeli existence, this monument was built with room to grow. There is another empty wall silently waiting for more names and plaques.

When Mr. Olmert suggests that Israel is ready for a new existence. That we are ready to accept tough consequences, is he taking into account all the suffering and sacrifices that have been made to prevent some of these very consequences?

2 thoughts on “Annapolis & The Israeli Mentality”

  1. Maybe it’s _because_ you’ve sacrificed so much that Mr. Olmert is bringing Israel to peace with its Arab neighbors. You cannot stay in denial and occupy forever.

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